We Should Not Make It Difficult

…we should not make it difficult…” (Acts 15:19) Those six words are some of the most moving words any pastor ever spoke. Those words, spoken by James, pastor of the church in Jerusalem and spokesperson at the Jerusalem Council, were the foundation of his reasoning for urging … Read More

Kingdom is Greater than Culture

What marks you as you? Seriously, by what are you primarily known? Is it personality? Location? Ethnicity? Accent? Temperament? Occupation? Frankly, all those things (and more), while not wrong, are simply cultural identifiers. They’re social descriptions that recognize our individual uniqueness, even though we still share those “marks”with … Read More

Here Lies John Doe

Julie and I were recently looking at burial plots. It’s a decision we have to make at some point, so we began checking out local options. In the process, we read a number of headstones. Frankly, it’s quite intriguing to see what some people leave … Read More

Ten Beautiful Words

Romans 12:15 is a collection of 10 beautiful words: “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” When we live out those words, we display a beautiful trait far too uncommon among many people: security. You see, only secure people can be glad for someone else; … Read More

In the Image of God: “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

About 48 years ago—January of 1973—America’s Supreme Court delivered a ruling that made abortion legal. Not moral or ethical. And surely not biblical. Only legal. Since that time, it is estimated that over 55 million unborn babies have been killed. As I write this, my … Read More

A Kettle or a Sloth?

A literary technique often used to help one grasp the similarities and differences between two things is comparing and contrasting. And when the two subjects are polar opposites, usually what is discovered, quite emphatically, is the large variance. Such is the case in Romans 12:11, … Read More

Must the Great Commission Be Completed Before the End Comes?

It’s a question discussed in seminary classes and missiological circles. Profs and students exchange views and opinions. Mission committees and sending agencies share their stances. The question? “Is Christ’s return contingent upon the completion of the Great Commission?” My short answer: Yes, it was. Let … Read More

More Than a New Year is Next

With 2021 just around the corner, many are most likely looking forward to new things. Perhaps some will be setting new goals; others may be excited about a new start; for sure many are anxious about a new vaccine. Yes, a new year is expected … Read More

Our Perfect Sympathizer and Savior

The mystery and miracle of the incarnation is a wondrous truth that is essential to our faith. Like the Trinity, however, it is hard to find ways to illustrate it well. Perhaps John Howard Griffin’s memoir Black Like Me will give us a small bit … Read More