Why I’m Thankful for My Fellow Pastors

One of the reasons I am ardently committed to a plurality of leadership in a local church is because pastors need pastors too. I’ve written about it before, and this month (Pastor Appreciation Month) is a prime opportunity to express specific reasons I am thankful … Read More

Poor Old David

Poor old David. He never had the chance to go to Disney World, see Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, ride Space Mountain, or visit Epcot Center. He never saw a Keurig, a gas grill, or an electric drill; he never knew the thrill of a home … Read More

Prioritize, Don’t Equalize, the Right to Life

It burdens me greatly that there is such a seemingly eager willingness among certain pockets of the current Christian community to lower the priority of working to stop the continued and tragic devastation that is occurring to the most vulnerable among us: the abortion of … Read More

“Our Staying, Standing, Securing Savior”

You’ve never had a more faithful friend than Jesus. Even if you’ve had really good friends, possibly great friends, you’ve never had a friend like Jesus. Why? Because only Jesus has stayed with you, stood by you, and secured you perfectly every time. When even … Read More

Spiritual Snacks

Remember as a kid, just before dinner, when you’d get that sudden urge to have a snack?  Even if the evening meal was only ten minutes away, it seemed impossible to wait; those cookies and milk were too irresistible! But remember the inevitable result?  It only satisfied … Read More

“All Comfort” > “Any Affliction”

There’s no hardship greater than the comforting hand of God. This biblical promise is based on four words in 2 Corinthians 1: “all comfort” (v 3) and “any affliction” (v 4). Take a minute and read it for yourself. “Blessed be the God and Father … Read More

If Only One

I’m not sure I remember the year, but I sure recall the moment. I was a young Jr. High youth director, still in college in fact. Our group had spent the week in Mexico doing evangelistic ministry in mountain villages, traveling from Tennessee in a … Read More

3 Tips for Living Well: Father’s Day Advice from my Dad

My daughter recently wrote a simple piece about my father for a class she was taking. The assignment? Interview someone you admire, and write about their life. So she did. She called my dad and talked on three separate occasions, conversing each time for about … Read More

The Justice Equation

Growing up, my mother would often say to me, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” It was a direct exhortation to watch out for the temptation to respond to injustice with injustice. My guess is you’ve heard the same thing in one way or another, … Read More