The Dividing—and Starting—Line is Life

We witnessed yesterday one of the clearest and most horrific displays of what separates liberals and conservatives in America: the 218-211 vote in the House of representatives to approve codifying the Roe v Wade opinion of the Supreme Court into law, protecting the “right” to an abortion all the way up to nine months regardless of the state in which a woman lives. Disguised as the Women’s Health Protection Act, this legislation was undoubtedly a marked moment in the battle for life, and everyone who voted made it clear whether they were pro-life or pro-death.

Notice I said liberals and conservatives. While it’s true that the terms “Democrats” and “Republicans” could possibly serve as synonyms, the real divide occurring at this juncture in history is deeper than party labels. It concerns a clash of values between those who wish to conserve values and those who wish to loosen values; those who wish to hold on to necessary mores and those who would like to let go of them. This clash crosses party lines, though rarely, unfortunately. It is a deeper clash than a contrast of red or blue, or donkeys and elephants. This is a worldview war. 

As I’ve stated before and hold to tenaciously, there is a priority to values; a hierarchy, of sorts, to the “rights” we hold dear and non-negotiable. And the right to life, and our subsequent responsibility to conserve and value life, is the most fundamental value. It is the highest “right.” If our leaders and citizens erase that core value, which liberals are systematically attempting to do, we will, in time, sacrifice every other value and lose every other right.

The crossroads is becoming clearer and clearer. It is a crossroads of the value of life. Don’t be deceived—no matter what liberals say, their actions indicate undeniably they do not hold life as a precious, protected, and prioritized right of everyone. When one votes to guard, even expand, the killing of unborn babies, they don’t value life. No matter what they call it, one can’t murder the innocent and at the same time say they are defending life. It is logically, biologically, and theologically inconsistent.

There were those who months ago who tried to equalize the “rights” people intrinsically have; voices that tried to level various values on a playing field. Frankly, even evangelical leaders warned against prioritizing in this manner. Yet, what has played out this year is the very real and plain truth that there actually is a succession to what’s most important. Devalue and disregard life, and everything downstream suffers.

Need proof? As liberals with a worldview void of absolute authority apart from their own continue to promote a loosening of mechanisms and mandates designed to protect life (police, borders, and military, to name three), murder rates rise and fatal crimes increase. Practically and statistically, liberalism results in more loss of life, not less. Why? Because it violates, at its core, the most important and highest value to the survival of a civilization, country, or people: Life!     

This is why, ironically, liberals use language to intentionally confuse and contort, words that deceitfully make their followers think they are for life when they are, in reality, for death. They call abortion healthcare. They refer to murdering a baby as a woman’s choice. They label the police as racist. They defend blatant lawbreakers at the border yet decry law enforcers appointed to protect. They assert certain ethnicities are innately “privileged,” unable to be anything other than racially blind, thus insisting division is unavoidable. They deny science in regards to gender, yet call it sexual freedom. They tear down family structure and authority in the name of safety and equality. All of this is designed to divert attention from the real issue: They want to appear to be sacrificially caring, when actually they are selfishly destructive. Nothing about a liberal worldview promotes life; it actually damages it. 

This is also why I am, without apology, a single-issue voter. No other issue informs us of a leader’s deepest value than the issue of the right to life. Tell me directly where you stand on abortion, and you tell me indirectly where you stand on other things as well. It always works this way, and never the other way. Budge on the right to life, and you’ll eventually budge on the rest of life.

This is precisely what we witnessed yesterday—a wickedly scary indication from many of our elected leaders in the House of Representatives that they don’t value life at all, specifically the life of the unborn baby living in his or her mother’s womb. When that right is denied—as it has been since 1973—no other right is safe.

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  1. Thank you for your words on this. It is pervasive in every corner of our life. I appreciate your thoughts !

  2. Boy… This sounds just like Jesus. Not the Jesus of the Bible, of course.

    The Jesus of the Bible would call you out.

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