The Fruit of the Spirit: A Week of Questions #4

We’re addressing (at least) 1 question a day this week regarding the Holy Spirit and the fruit he produces in us. Here’s the fourth episode in this series of curiosities.

“What are ways to walk by the Spirit?”

Let me suggest a flow chart of sorts that will provide a framework for walking instead of outlining specific steps for specific circumstances. In every situation, follow this process:

  1. Assess (the situation). Answer this question: “What’s HAPPENING now?” Look around and evaluate the circumstances. What’s going on, what needs are present, who needs encouraged, etc. Read the room spiritually. Then…
  2. Ask (the Spirit). Answer this question: “What’s NEEDED now?” Sincerely pray for the Holy Spirit to manifestly display a specific fruit or gift. Listen and watch for the open door or opportunity where God’s power can be seen in the moment. Then…
  3. Act (with an obedient step). As the Holy Spirit leads, follow. Walk with him. Ask this question: “How can I DO the one thing that’s needed now?” My experience has been that you’ll know what do or say; God’s Spirit does show up, empower God’s people, and work manifestly. The problem is too many of us stay in the analysis mode, and as a result become paralyzed instead of mobilized. To avoid this pinch point, trust the Spirit’s leading and stay in step by acting on what you know.

Incidentally, your question gets to the core of my final message in this series, which, Lord willing, I’ll bring to our faith family on Sunday, March 10. I hope to unpack this flow chart a little more that day, bringing extra clarity to specific things we can do to more sensitively walk by the Spirit and stay in step with him.  

Final question comes tomorrow!

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