A Six-Pack on the Spirit

The first 13 verses of Acts 2 no doubt generate a number of questions. Here are six common ones: Q: In Joel’s prophecy, he describes God pouring out his Spirit on “all men.” Is this really all men, or just believers? A: A better translation, … Read More

Guess Who’s Praying For You?

There’s more than few right answers to that question. But the answer that is most encouraging? The Holy Spirit! Why does he pray for us? In short, because we are weak, and because we are often without words. After reading Romans 8 recently, I was … Read More

D.L. Moody and the Holy Spirit’s Filling

Though we could debate and argue (longer than necessary) over semantics regarding how a believer experiences the Holy Spirit’s power, one thing all Christians will (and should) agree on: our need for the Holy Spirit’s power and control. As believers individually, we know God indwells us … Read More