Putting on the Armor of God: A Prayer

Lord of Hosts,

Bind me to your TRUTH, cover me with your RIGHTEOUSNESS,

plant me on your GOSPEL, secure me through your SALVATION,

Defend me by FAITH, protect me with your WORD, and

embolden me through PRAYER

so that I stand strong against the schemes of Satan.

In your name and according to your power,


Click here to hear the message from Ephesians 6:14-20 on which this prayer is based.

2 Comments on “Putting on the Armor of God: A Prayer”

  1. Todd you are just as amazing now as you were back in 1992-1995 at Community Grove. It was true blessing to hear you preach again. Thanks for how faithful to the Lord Jesus you have been and still are.

    1. Thanks, Ed! What a humbling comment. I’m grateful for the years God has given us as friends and brothers!

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