Seven Days

Except for nine years, all of my life has been lived under the horrifically wicked ruling of 1973 when the Supreme Court decided it was constitutionally “right” to allow the murder of babies in the womb. Commonly known as Roe v Wade, that case legalized, accommodated, and even normalized the destruction of life from the very beginning. It was tragic to the unthinkable tune of over 60 million deaths since.

Until last Friday. On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned that lethal interpretation of 1973 and boldly, truthfully clarified there was no constitutional right to murdering an unborn child. I believe that day—06.24.22— will prove, in history, to be a life-saving and life-giving day.

It will also, in time, prove to be a motive-revealing day. Frankly, it already has.

For the last seven days, many of the responses from those within the pro-death culture have become even more blatantly hideous. Their true colors are showing in ways that even their own deceitfully devised language of the last 50 years can’t hide. It’s more obvious than ever that they seek unrestrained freedom to do whatever they want sexually, and the illogical nature of their rhetoric is self-incriminating.

For instance, calling abortion “healthcare,” “sacred,” “a human right,” and an aspect of one’s “autonomy” is at face-value a fallacy-riddled ruse laden with inconsistency. Protesting that “what’s inside me isn’t human” is simply false biologically. Asserting that “abortion saves lives” is fundamentally and patently untrue, because it medically and violently does the opposite. 

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the deep motive behind the pro-death culture’s love affair with killing babies is the devilish desire to rid themselves of the consequences of unrestrained, unbridled sex. No one can deny we have been witnesses to decades of a “My Sex My Way” culture shift, and abortion is just one aspect of this immoral sexual revolution. Throw in other foundation-eroding developments and decisions of recent years—legalizing same-sex marriage, normalizing a gender spectrum, celebrating lewd, even illegal, behavior behind the pretense of Pride Month, and weaponizing local schools to punish students who hold to a literal use of language—and one can begin to see that the real aim of all these destructive pursuits is, in my opinion, the protection of the destructive ideology of “my sex my way.”

This is why I don’t expect an easy road going forward. Romans 1 is continuing to be played out in our historical context and current culture. And while the voice of moral sanity and dignity spoke with clarity last Friday, June 24, 2022, the last seven days indicates that voice, as courageous as it was, will, once again, meet an equally loud voice of convenience. Fearing they won’t be allowed, in many states, to select the murder option as a way to make their sexual consequences disappear, the pro-abortion camp is brazenly, yet unwittingly, admitting what most Americans intuitively have known: It’s really, and tragically, all about the convenience of sex without responsibility. 

That’s what the last seven days has revealingly confirmed to me. 

They have also resolutely confirmed what I believe is to be our continuous posture regardless of the culture’s practices. Now, as much as ever, let’s continue to pray fervently, stand courageously, and reach out compassionately. Adoption, foster care, helping vulnerable families, pregnancy centers, and other similar things must continue to be on our radar and “to do” lists. SCOTUS has given us a timely judicial runway, though a hostile one, to continue to make good on these biblical priorities.

However, though a judicial levy helps push back the rising waters of evil, it will not prevent the continuously swelling flood of sin’s storm like true spiritual conversion. Only divine regeneration provides the power to overcome sin’s temptation and mastery. So we must also maintain a continued commitment to our highest biblical priority—making disciples of all nations. After all, as important as it is to protect physical life, we must also remember that preaching the good news of Jesus, which brings about new spiritual life, is an even higher priority. The latter will inevitably lead to the former. 

May God grant us spiritually-renewed fervor, counter-cultural humility, supernatural power, Spirit-gifted discernment, and long-distance endurance as we seek to maximize this moment for his mission — developing devoted followers of Jesus!

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