It’s Staturday: Are You Stressed?

It’s no surprise that social media can be a producer of social stress. But did you know… …According to the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health (as reported by TIME), Instagram is the most stress-inducing social media platform? They surveyed 1,500 young people and found … Read More

It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

From issues of morality to the importance of missions, here’s what recent surveys and numbers report about either Americans, those who call themselves Christians and what we are part of—the church, or both.* 44% of practicing Christians agree that it’s a good practice for couples … Read More

It’s STATurday: Still an Atrocity

Though we have seen some victories over the last decade in regards to the number of abortions performed, the horribly tragic fact is that it still remains legal in our country. We are in the middle of our own holocaust! Consider the following: 51% of … Read More

It’s STATurday: 9 Things…

Often I get asked about pastoral ministry—What’s it like, what do I actually do, is it hard or lonely, what kind of pressure do I feel, does it set well with your family…the list could go on. Well, with this being the last day of … Read More

It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

Curious about what are the most common prayers? Or how equipped church members think they are to deal with immigration? Or what denomination provides more chaplains for the military? The October edition of [On Mission] magazine reveals some facts and figures related to each of … Read More