It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

imagesCurious about what are the most common prayers? Or how equipped church members think they are to deal with immigration? Or what denomination provides more chaplains for the military? The October edition of [On Mission] magazine reveals some facts and figures related to each of those, what I call “Church Numbers.”

  • Southern Baptists provide the most military chaplains of any faith group, even though the number of active-duty Southern Baptists in general has dropped by over 4,500 since 2009.
  • The most common prayer request among protestants is 1) praying for their own sin (51%), while praying not to get caught while speeding was the least common request (7%).
  • When it comes to immigration in the U.S., 73% of evangelicals agree that it presents us with a great opportunity to share the gospel, but 68% say their local church has never encouraged them to reach out to immigrants in their communities.
  • Evangelicals show a greater interest in a presidential candidate’s character and faith than the general American voter. How much greater? 46% to 41% in regards to character, and 45% to 9% when it comes to faith.
  • Since 2011, the use of tablets and smartphones for Bible searches has nearly doubled—from 18% to 35%. However, unbelievably, 84% of church goers still claim they prefer to read the Bible in print.

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