The Fruit of the Spirit: A Week of Questions #3

We’re addressing (at least) 1 question a day this week regarding the Holy Spirit and the fruit he produces in us. Let’s jump right into day 3. “Why did Moses disagree with God? I don’t understand why he argued with God. It seemed like heresy.” … Read More

The Fruit of the Spirit: A Week of Questions #2

We’re answering at least 1 question a day this week regarding the Holy Spirit and the fruit he produces in us. Let’s tackle day 2’s curiosity. “When you pray for something specific, you pray and give it to God. However, the Bible states to pray … Read More

6 Ways to Pray During the Israeli-Palestinean War

As you watch the horrific events continuing to unfold in Israel, I trust you are realizing more and more that our first and best action is prayer. Since the evening of October 7, both Julie and I have been increasingly and specifically praying for believers … Read More

Pray for BOB

The Apostle Paul urged his fellow believers to pray for BOB. Not, not Bob, as in a person, but for BOB, as in an acronym. With either apologies or congratulations to those reading this named Bob, consider these three ways Paul exhorted us to pray. … Read More

Guess Who’s Praying For You?

There’s more than few right answers to that question. But the answer that is most encouraging? The Holy Spirit! Why does he pray for us? In short, because we are weak, and because we are often without words. After reading Romans 8 recently, I was … Read More

Saturday’s Prayer for Sutherland Springs

Heavenly Father, We know very little about the shooter’s family. But you know everything about them. In this time when your spiritual family is reeling from the evil perpetrated upon our members, may that physical family also know your love and mercy, your grace and … Read More

Friday’s Prayer for Sutherland Springs

Mighty God, Though evil is powerful, it isn’t all powerful. You, O Lord, are over even evil itself, and can bring good from its consequences. Work in your unique, supernatural way in the community of Sutherland Springs to thwart Satan’s lies, deliver Satan’s hostages, and … Read More

Thursday’s Prayer for Sutherland Springs

Heavenly Father,  We first thank you for the beautiful response of your body to the church at Sutherland Springs since Sunday. Area churches, other Christians, and appointed and elected convention leaders, as well as many others, have stepped up without hesitation to help. Still, FBC … Read More

Wednesday’s Prayer for Sutherland Springs

O Wise and Gracious Father, The leaders of the church at Sutherland Springs need your wisdom as they begin putting together the pieces of their fellowship. Though the physical building is damaged and the organizational structure wounded, the true, spiritual body there is still alive. … Read More

Tuesday’s Prayer for Sutherland Springs

Father in Heaven, We humbly ask for your glory to shine through the darkness of the recent tragedy at FBC, Sutherland, TX. May your presence be manifest among the survivors as a blanket of peace, comfort, and hope. Your people here lift their voices to … Read More