It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

From issues of morality to the importance of missions, here’s what recent surveys and numbers report about either Americans, those who call themselves Christians and what we are part of—the church, or both.*

  • 44% of practicing Christians agree that it’s a good practice for couples to live together outside of marriage. 88% of people who practice no faith support this idea.
  • In 2011, 53% of people believed the Bible contains all a person needs to live a meaningful life. At the start of 2016, only 45% held to this.
  • Only 3% of established churches in the nation are currently involved in helping start another church.
  • Among churches started prior to 2012, 22% started at least one daughter church within their first five years.
  • Nearly 31% of churches receiving funding from a sponsor or sending church supported the launch of a daughter church of their own within their first five years as a congregation.
  • Currently, 1 in 5 church plants say they are sponsored by a church with an average attendance of less than 100 people.
  • Giving per member is higher on average among small congregations, with $1,750 per regular attendee given annually in churches that size, compared to $1,140 given by regulars in congregations of more than 1,000.
  • Trends also show that some 88% of Americans would consider attending a church with under 100 people, with 85% saying they would be open to a church of less than 200.
  • Research shows the growing number of churches live streaming services is an effective tool to attract potential new members.
  • Young married couples, ages 24-34, will watch a live-streamed service an average of six times before deciding to step foot into a church building.
  • Until recently, Christians in America gave less money to reach the unreached than they spent buying Halloween costumes for their pets. But in 2015, giving to missions groups reaching the unreached topped $450 million.

Source: On Mission Magazine

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