It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

From issues of morality to the importance of missions, here’s what recent surveys and numbers report about either Americans, those who call themselves Christians and what we are part of—the church, or both.* 44% of practicing Christians agree that it’s a good practice for couples … Read More

Q Zone: Is it Unwise to…??

What does a wise person look like? How would they act? What would they do? These were the core issues addressed by Pastor Travis last week when he spoke from James 3:13-17 on “What Wisdom Wears.” I especially appreciate his emphasis on generosity and the … Read More

Q Zone: A PS to the Postcard

Though the New Testament epistle of Philemon is just about 455 English words, it packs a powerful punch in its one chapter—that a new gospel identity should produce new gospel interactions. (Listen or watch the message here.) But there are connected truths as well in … Read More

A Kingdom Kind of Christmas

One of the things the faith family at FFC is attempting to do during December this year is “get out of the church building” (thanks, kids, for the needed reminder in your musical on December 2). We want this season to be more about God’s kingdom … Read More