“It Takes Two” — Bonus Bits!

We began a short, 3-week series today designed to highlight two things fundamental to marriage. We’ve drawn them from a single verse penned by the writer of Hebrews  — 13:4. (Yep, you’ll have to catch the message to find out what the two things are.) … Read More

Rights or Choices?

I am more convinced than ever that the fundamental strategy of the homosexual community is to equate sexual rights with civil rights. This is how they intend to infiltrate the legal and cultural systems of our country and change things to accommodate their destructive choices. … Read More

She Loves Me Because…

I’m not the easiest guy to love. In fact, most of the time I’m probably rather difficult to love. And though Julie would probably not admit that (okay, she might at times!), it is nonetheless true. She knows all my faults, idiosyncrasies, shortcomings, failures, and … Read More

Some Thoughts on Love and Marriage

Many people claim to understand love. Some view it as something you fall into, like it’s a great big, surprising pit you tumble into with a pillow-top mattress and a hot chick waiting for you at the bottom. Others see it as something that is … Read More

Under Wonder

Ever notice how when we use the word “under,” even in a negative sense, we often mean engulfed? Like saturated. Overtaken. Totally wrapped up. Like when someone says, “I’m under some big stress at home” … or “I’m really under a load at work.” Even … Read More