Rights or Choices?

UnknownI am more convinced than ever that the fundamental strategy of the homosexual community is to equate sexual rights with civil rights. This is how they intend to infiltrate the legal and cultural systems of our country and change things to accommodate their destructive choices. They’ve been at it for decades, and they show no signs of letting up. And with good reason – it’s working.
The latest evidence that this subversive, slow, chipping away of the true definition of “rights” is their greatest weapon of attack is found in the most recent edition of ESPN the Magazine. In the column Voices, Steve Buckley, who himself “came out” last January, predicts that the first big-time athlete to announce his homosexuality while actively playing the sport in which he excels will face the same discrimination and questioning that – here it is! — Jackie Robinson faced. Wow! Could he be more blatant? I doubt it! In Steve’s world, the barriers of color and sexual orientation are the same.
What’s more astounding is that he offers this up without any type of evidence or support, probably because he knows it is, unfortunately, a generally accepted thought. But the hard reality is that this type of assumption – i.e., sexual orientation is a “rights” issue because we are born with it — has no scientific foundation, and an even less biological one. (For those who are Christian, a third strike occurs when you realize it has no biblical basis either.) Yet, Steve not only assumes it’s a genetic issue, he asserts this unfounded theory to his readers. Frankly, a discerning and intellectually honest reader, whether Christian or not, would ask, “Where’s the proof that homosexuality is inborn? Where’s the evidence of this ‘gay gene?’” But so many people simply read indiscriminately and believe anything without ever thinking, “Is this really true?” (For a good discussion of how they gay gene theory got its start, as well as other insightful, founded information relating to this topic, listen to this talk I gave a few months back, or check out this entry of my blog.)
Notwithstanding, Steve may be correct in his prediction that the effects of “coming out,” whoever the first active athlete is, may be difficult and trying, just as life was for Jackie Robinson. However, Jackie didn’t face it because of his own sinful choices; he faced it because of the sinful choices of others. The first currently-playing gay athlete, though, will possibly have to face this kind of treatment for exactly the opposite reason – his or her own sinful and immoral decisions. You see, the reasons for such treatment are starkly different, not only in the visibility, but in the causality. But such is the goal of the homosexual activists: to make others appear to be the ones thinking and living wrongly when, in reality, they are.
I know I’m probably in the cultural minority, but I’ll stand on this scientifically, biblically, and biologically: It is a large leap with no substantive platform from which to land or take off to parallel one’s color with one’s sexuality. And each time we let this assumption go unchallenged, we do all true minorities a disservice because we’re letting the homosexuals sabotage the real civil rights movement.

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