“It Takes Two” — Bonus Bits!

It Takes TwoWe began a short, 3-week series today designed to highlight two things fundamental to marriage. We’ve drawn them from a single verse penned by the writer of Hebrews  — 13:4. (Yep, you’ll have to catch the message to find out what the two things are.) However, I have highlighted a few of the “noteable quotables” from the message and provided, as promised, some very good supplemental resources for you to use as you wade through our culture’s marriage madness and towards a biblical posture of honoring it.

“What is true in our century was true in theirs — perversion of marriage and promiscuity in marriage. So this verse is more than relevant to our situation; it is critical to our survival.”

“Based on this text, there are at least two things every marriage needs in a culture that is attacking this fundamental institution. Sure, more things are needed, but specific to our environment of increased persecution and inevitable malignment, these two items are non-negotiable: Clarity and purity.”

“It’s impossible to define marriage apart from the Bible without some kind of historical, linguistic, and/or sexual perversion.”

“When both single and married people live purely, marriage is lifted up honorably as God’s ordained place for mutual, sexual gratification.”

“Don’t miss the obvious — God didn’t command all to get married, but rather all to honor marriage.”

“When we redefine the meaning of marriage, we reduce the value of marriage.”

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