Under Wonder

UnknownEver notice how when we use the word “under,” even in a negative sense, we often mean engulfed? Like saturated. Overtaken. Totally wrapped up. Like when someone says, “I’m under some big stress at home” … or “I’m really under a load at work.” Even in a literal and more positive sense, under still means much the same thing. Like when we watch one of our kids go under water at the pool or beach (aren’t you glad summer is here!), we see the same thing – they are swallowed up. Engulfed. Or when someone has us under their spell (like when you first met the girl/guy who is now your spouse)…you get the picture, right? In this way, under indicates that something or someone has totally captivated us, whether good or bad, and surrounds us in most every way.

Well, I am under wonder this weekend. Yep, I am engulfed with amazement; captivated by astonishment. I am left speechless and breathless by the waves of God’s ingenious creativity. I am totally wrapped up and saturated by the wonder of Him.

Okay, I know I should live in that place all the time, but I’m probably more human than I like to admit, and sometimes I’m not under wonder at all: I’m unfortunately sometimes just selfishly impressed with God. You know, times when he did something for me, or I benefitted from his character, so suddenly I see how good God is. Pretty shallow, eh? Sometimes I’m more like an immature kid who is happy with God when I get my way.

But prepping for and teaching this “Home Run” series has put me under – way under wonder! And while I have been sensing my wonder-meter rising over the past few weeks, it red-lined (in a good way) this week while running one morning. I was talking with God, listening to him, and just meditating on his wisdom and creativity regarding many aspects of this thing we call “home.” Things like how God has designed and wired males and females, how he has structured the most basic relationships to cooperate and connect in what is known as a family, how his wisdom in roles brings so much joy and prevents so much damage and hurt…on and on I could go! The mystery and vastness of it all — biologically, physically, spiritually, emotionally, chemically — just began to overwhelm me; I found myself under wonder right there in the middle of my morning jog!

Granted – I had spent much of the week getting ready to talk about sex from God’s point of view, so there was even more good reason to be stoked! But it was precisely the ingenious chemistry involved in that issue that put me over the top—what a gift God invented! And when enjoyed within his parameters, well, it put me under wonder. (There’s so much more I want to say about that subject, especially in light of all the perversion that goes in our culture. But let me instead just refer you to the message posted Biblical Intimacy, then click on Biblical Intimacy. That will do more than I can do here.)

But it’s not just the biblical beauty of sex that got me revved up…under wonder. The whole man/woman/children/family thing has stirred me for weeks! I just find myself more and more awed with God, not solely because of his work, but because of his wisdom. From original creation to spiritual redemption to daily sanctification to physical satisfaction, God just knows best! There’s not an area where his wisdom isn’t seen! That’s why I’m under wonder! Saturated. Overtaken. Totally wrapped up. Engulfed. Swallowed whole. Surrounded. Captivated. Speechless. Wowed.

‘Nuff said.

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