From the inception of our church, we have maintained a belief in the value of being a “24/7” Christian. But what does that mean? And what is a definition of this phrase as used at FFC? Let me clarify what it is not. It is … Read More

God’s Victorious Nature

When we say “victory,” we need to think “finish.” That’s a good synonym in the Bible for the concept of victory. And rest assured God is exacly up to that — finishing what he started. In fact, I was somewhat intrigued by the amount of … Read More

Isaiah 56 and the Holocaust

The name of the Holocaust Museum in Israel, Yad Vashem, literally means “a memorial and a name,” and is taken from the phrase in Isaiah 56:5. No doubt the name is indicative of the purpose: to preserve a memory. [You can see some of the … Read More

Drawing Close

One of our readers (and now fellow blogger!) asked, “What are some ways to practically draw close to God?” In other words, we know he’s close and personal; what can we do on our end to access that? Ater all, the first half of James … Read More

Why the Sabbath Emphasis in Is. 56?

Even a quick reading of Isaiah 56 reveals that, as God is displaying his personal and “familial” nature to the Jew, as well as to the foreigner and eunich, the Sabbath plays a critical role in this chapter. Why? Is it for today? Are we … Read More

His Two-Pronged Faithfulness

It’s a common verse we preachers use — Isaiah 55:11. Two words in this verse help me understand what really happens when God’s Word goes out. The words are “accomplish” and “achieve,” and they speak of different aspects of “success” of God’s Word. “Accomplish” contains … Read More

No Bait and Switch with God

Isaiah 55 opens with an astounding invitation. — “COME!” In fact, 18 verbs are used to say the same thing — invite all to come! Why? Because only God can really deliver on the promise of lasting satisfaction. In the openeing verses Isaiah talks about … Read More

A Personal God

Seems everyone knows God these days. Haven’t you heard the phrase of choice from television celebraties, media moguls, and sports stars? Here it is — “O my God!” (emphasis added) Yep, looks like people everywhere are laying claim to God. A better question is, “Does … Read More

God’s Faithful Nature

Reading Isaiah 55 has left me with a simple word that best describes God’s faithful character: He is consistent! Granted — that word hasn’t been the first word to roll of my tongue when I’m thinking about faithfulness, but it may well be more in … Read More

God’s Jealousy Understood Simply

Let me see if I can help us understand God’s jealousy in a simple way. Essentially, he is not jealous of someone, but jealous for something. And that something, though it involves us in various aspects, is all glory and worship. Remember what he said … Read More