Why We Run

What made Jonah run from God? Think about it – when he heard God call, he went the opposite direction of the place to which he was called. And fast! He ran from God’s will, not to God’s will. Without going into the details of … Read More

One Little Book…One Big Prayer

Jonah, one of 12 minor prophets in the Old Testament, is a book of only 48 verses. That’s shorter than some chapters in the Bible! Yet, this little book contains a massive message: God values people – all people – and he wants us to … Read More

This Year

Call them commitments. Call them decisions. I like to say that, for believers, new year’s resolutions are God’s continuing sanctification process in seasonal terms. That’s why we put the prefix ‘new year’ onto many of them. For me, I have been sensing God’s work in … Read More

Love That Toyota!

We were all set – all 5 of us – to leave for MI in our van. Yeah, the one that seats 7. Then, late on the evening before we were to leave as I was driving the van home from watching a movie with … Read More

Gene Power

Okay, here’s the scoop: I’m sitting in my in-laws home in Michigan watching our kids and their cousins, and I’d swear we were the parents of five kids not four. What do I mean? Simply this – my brother-in-laws son Micah could pass for our … Read More

It’s Level at the Manger

One of my favorite symbolic lessons in the Nativity is who was there: both wise men and shepherds. Sure, they came at different times and to different places, but they still came. And both were accepted and welcomed! People from the two ends of the … Read More

What’s Happening to CHRISTmas?!?

Not sure who wrote this, but found it quite interesting. Enjoy! Twas the month before Christmas when all through our land, Not a Christian was praying nor taking a stand. See the PC Police had taken away the reason for Christmas – no one could … Read More

The Power of a Letter

A few days ago as we were “hubbing” around the kitchen island (that’s the word I use to describe our family when we’re all hanging out in the central hub of our home – our kitchen!), the mail came. We’re like most families — we … Read More

Just Imagine (Part 2)

Thanks, everyone, for the comments and questions. Regardless of what you think of my (or others’) opinion(s), I encourage you to develop your own biblical reasoning. Don’t just follow the latest author or current trend. Like it or not, this is an area of freedom, … Read More

Just Imagine (Oops, you can’t these days)

It happens every year. Christmas arrives, and suddenly Christians lose their imagination. Well, not all of us. But there is a segment of believers who seem to think any kind of holiday “magic” is unbiblical and bad for kids. You know, Santa, reindeer, the North … Read More