chanCe and chanGe

One of the intriguing things I find in Jonah occurs obscurely in the beginning of chapter three. As Jonah hears the word of the Lord a second time (another chanCe), he is expected to do things differently (a chanGe). And I can’t help but think that these two concepts are linked! In fact, only one letter separates them!

Jonah’s story helps me understand “chanCes” and “chanGes” better — they come packaged together! The second chance I want is probably — and rightly — connected to the change I need. There must be a personal understanding that another opportunity (a second chanCe) should mean a different outcome (a chanGe).

When I keep those two linked, I’m much more likely to make good use of the second chanCes God gives me to chanGe my disobedience to obedience. And isn’t that the point of a second chanCe — to chanGe what I did the first time? You bet!

Ah, chanCe and chanGe…a powerful pair indeed!

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