The End is Where It Begins

God hears us best when we are at our worst. And I’m sure the belly of a great fish was the worst praying environment Jonah could imagine. Yet, it was exactly where he needed to be: the end of his rope. That’s where God wants us – at our end! But the end is the one thing we avoid at all costs. Perhaps that’s why so few of us really have powerful prayer lives – we’re rarely at the end of ourselves!

Remember the prodigal son? Luke records that his best decision occurred “when he came to the end of himself.” Yes, his decision to go back home was only reached when he finally saw how far away he truly was. Let’s remember that the way back starts with this fact: God hears me no matter how far away I am or how deep down I go. And he always meets me right there –at the end of myself. That’s where he wants me, for then he can take me back home his way, not my way.

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