But God!

I bet Jonah loves big fish! Oh, maybe he didn’t prior to being engulfed whole, but afterward? You know he did! How could he not once he realized that the one who swallowed him was actually his lifeline. Only hope. Salvation. A God-send of mammal-like grace!

That great fish is the “But God” of Jonah’s life. It’s when God stepped in and interrupted things for no other reason than God’s own mercy and grace. No doubt the fish is a picture of salvation — God’s grace undeserved. It is truly the “But God” moment that redefined who he was. Isn’t that what God does — redefine us? He interrupts us in a way that never leaves us the same. Hallelujah!

Remember your “But God” moment? I do. Not only the prime one — when God saved me in 1978 — but also other ones when God gracefully injected himself into my stubborneess and pride to further along my sanctification. Ah, gotta love all those divine interruptions. (And I’m sure there are more on the way!)

As you think about yours (past, present, and future), check out these articles/links about some other “But God” passages in the New Testament, like Romans 5:6-8 and Ephesians 2:1-7.


They will really increase your gratitude for the “great fish of grace” that interupted your life. And I’m sure it’s a whale of a tale!

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