Ways We Run

Running from God isn’t always easy to spot. It’s not like we wear a sign that says, “Running from God. Watch out!” So what does it look like in 2009?

Perhaps we run by staying busy. You know, the ole’ overcommitted syndrome.

Or maybe running is seen in how we avoid others. Or issues. It’s hard to deal with something or someone if you never face it.

I think sometimes running is seen in how we try and control others. If we’re louder…stronger…bigger…well, maybe that will just keep them down.

Running is probably evidenced by discontentment, a strange restlessness that indicates we “still haven’t found what we’re looking for.” So we chase the latest trend or fad. But we’re really not chasing anything; we’re running away from something.

Regardless of how it is seen, it happens. And probably in all kinds of ways. I just hope to be able to spot it quickly in my life so I won’t find myself in the belly of a great fish! That’s not where I want my running to take me! 🙂

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