6 Ways to Pray During the Israeli-Palestinean War

As you watch the horrific events continuing to unfold in Israel, I trust you are realizing more and more that our first and best action is prayer. Since the evening of October 7, both Julie and I have been increasingly and specifically praying for believers … Read More

7 Diagnostic Questions to Gauge Pride in Your Life

Pride plays no favorites. It cripples and ripples without regard to position, power, or past. Just ask King Saul. That being true, here are seven diagnostic questions that will help us gauge and measure the depth of pride in our life. Collectively, these can act … Read More

Pics from Passion Week Places

Kids love pictures. It’s one of the first ways children learn. And since many parents are focusing their kids’ attention this week on the topics of Jesus’ last week, perhaps these pics will help bring even more visualization to what you teach concerning his final … Read More

Jewish Holidays: A Humorous Summary

I’ve been in Israel for the past week or so, and our guide, whom we know as Pitch (but whose real name is Abraham) is quite funny. He’s a Jew, an archeologist, and does a really good job bringing out the history and geography of … Read More