4 Observations About How God Accomplishes His Will

Undoubtedly the saga of David and Absalom in 2 Samuel 13-19 is a riveting one. At one point David is fleeing Jerusalem to escape with his life while Absalom is entering it to usurp the throne. The events are spiraling either downward or upward, depending … Read More

5 Principles About Consequences

Consequences are the undertow of sin. They linger long after the wave of sin breaks, and can pull many away from the shore of safety. This was true in King David’s life. The undertow of his sin with Bathsheba affected many others—and himself—far longer and … Read More

Was David and Jonathan’s “Love” Homosexual?

One of the most beautifully stirring pictures of biblical friendship in the Bible is the one between David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18-20). Yet many often wonder, due to certain words and phrases, if their love was actually a homosexual relationship. Though I addressed this … Read More

The Four Words That Fit the Antitype

Every true type has an antitype. And King David’s is King Jesus. To showcase one of the ways this is seen, consider the four words that describe David in 1 Samuel 17 (mentioned in the previous post): Sensitivity, authority, community, and glory. These very words … Read More

Typology 101

As mentioned in this morning’s message, here is a helpful article that will give you a basic overview of typology, plus how it helps us avoid allegory and moralism.