The Four Words That Fit the Antitype

Every true type has an antitype. And King David’s is King Jesus.

To showcase one of the ways this is seen, consider the four words that describe David in 1 Samuel 17 (mentioned in the previous post): Sensitivity, authority, community, and glory. These very words also describe the antitype of 1 Samuel 17, Jesus Christ, especially in his final days. Consider this:

  • The Temple cleansing was evidence of his sensitivity to God’s name and house.
  • The garden prayer was evidence of his surrender and obedience to his Father’s authority.
  • The cross was evidence of his commitment to God’s people, the spiritual¬†community he purchased by his blood.
  • The resurrection was evidence of God’ glory¬†revealed as the Father vindicated his Son as King and Conqueror, our ultimate Goliath-slayer!

Truly, Jesus is the substance of everything David foreshadowed!

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