Was David and Jonathan’s “Love” Homosexual?

One of the most beautifully stirring pictures of biblical friendship in the Bible is the one between David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18-20). Yet many often wonder, due to certain words and phrases, if their love was actually a homosexual relationship. Though I addressed this issue briefly in the message this morning, here are the additional resources I mentioned, all designed to help you think clearly and scripturally about this question.

Article: What was the Relationship Between David and Jonathan?

Article: Were David and Jonathan Homosexual Lovers?

Article: I’m Southern Baptist, and I Love a Man

Sermon: The Bible and Homosexuality

Reference: Keren, O. (2012). David and Jonathan: A Case of Unconditional Love? Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 37(1), 3–23.

Reference: Tull, P. K. (2004). Jonathan’s Gift of Friendship. Interpretation, 58(2), 130–143.

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