Interceding for Sutherland Springs: Everyday This Week at 11:30

The news out of Sutherland Springs, TX is horrifying. And our hearts hurt, not only for our brothers and sisters in that church who are grieving, but for the many people in that town who have yet to believe the glorious and beautiful gospel and are now probably asking lots of questions.

If you’re anything like me, you feel helpless at a time like this. I do. We want to help, but we’re not sure what to do. What to say. And if we did know, we then often wonder how. Or when.

It’s precisely in times like this that we need to quickly act on what we deeply believe. And since we know that prayer is our first and best action, we can most assuredly pray fervently and regularly for those in Sutherland Springs and our sister church in that city, First Baptist Church. And that’s exactly what I’d like to ask you to do this week with me and the flock at First Family: pray daily for the church and people in Sutherland Springs, TX.

Here specifically is how I’d like to ask you, our readers, to join us in prayer.

  1. As a subscriber to/reader of this blog, each day you’ll receive a short prayer in your inbox focused on the needs and people in Sutherland Springs, TX. This will arrive in the morning.
  2. Pause at 11:30 AM each day this week (the approximate time of the shooting) and pray specifically for the situation there. Feel free to use the prayer you receive in your email as a way to jumpstart and/or focus your praying at that time.

Some ideas for praying at 11:30—

  • If you’re at home, pray with your children. Let them repeat after you, or read the prayer we send. Or if they’re older, coach them how to pray on their own in situations like this.
  • If you’re at work, ask other believing co-workers to join you if possible and permitted. Or call your spouse and pray together over the phone.
  • If you’re at school, find a Christian friend and pray together, or text the prayer to a friend.

The point? Pray! This is exactly what Jesus said men ought always to do instead of fainting (Luke 18:1), and what Paul said we should do without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17).

Yes, we can do more. But we surely should not do less. So let us pray, confident that, though we don’t know a lot about the situation in Texas yet, we do know God hears the prayers of his children.

I’m hoping many of you will pause everyday this week and join me and our faith family at 11:30 AM, wherever you are, to pray for the church and citizens of Sutherland Springs, TX. It is our first and best action.

Monday’s Prayer

Gracious God of all Comfort,

Many of our brothers and sisters in Sutherland, TX are grieving today. They have experienced human loss and tragedy, and no doubt feel as though their outward man is wasting away. Holy Spirit, be powerfully present in the middle of their pain, and enable them to grieve with hope because of the resurrection of Jesus. Renew their inner man through your Word, and may your body, the church, surround them with love and prayer in these coming days.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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