Is Mom a Fruity Tooty?

Okay, I just scribbled that title up there to get your attention. But I do want to take a moment and encourage moms and wives everywhere to realize their full, God-given potential to be the “fruitful vine” in their home (at least I got the word ‘fruit’ in there, so this isn’t a total bait-and-switch blog).

To be sure, it’s not just dads who need to reject negativity and embrace an optimistic outlook on life. So do moms. And perhaps more so! After all, we all delightfully know the impact of a “fruitful vine” (Psalm 128:3) as it winds its way through our home bringing nourishment, life, and joy. And we all dreadfully understand the consequences of a “negative whine” (Proverbs 21:9, 19) that drips poison into every nook and cranny like an invisible IV line of pessimism in our houses.

I’m treading on some thin ice probably, but let me go ahead and dance for a moment (all the while praying that the temperature doesn’t rise so my thin ice stays somewhat stable!). Few things can drain a home of its laughter and love like a constantly cranky woman. I hope you’ve never been around one, but if you have, you are probably nodding in agreement right now. In fact, I bet you’re thinking even now of that the old adage, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” The stark reality is that women have that kind of power and influence; it’s much of the thought behind the phrase “fruitful vine.”

Think about it —a vine feeds the fruit. It carries the essential elements for survival. It connects the various parts of the plant. It relays the necessary ingredients for blossoming. Truth is, if the vine dies, so does everything attached to it. That’s a lot of power.

I think there are at least two primary ways a mom/wife can be a powerful influence in a positive way:
1. Refuse to make sarcastic and doubtful comments (like Sara in Genesis 18). This kind of action undermines faith. Instead, speak words of blessing, encouragement, and hope. Embrace the possibilities of what God could do.
2. Reject the temptation to manipulate circumstances for the purpose of secretly getting your way (like Rebekah did in Genesis 27). This kind of action only undermines authority. Instead, stay unified with your husband and keep everything necessary out in the open. This kind of transparency will breed an unbelievable sense of optimism in everyone.

If moms and wives don’t use their power well, what’s the potential (and scary) result? If a child who grows up in a home where doubt and sarcasm are constantly spoken, and where secrecy and manipulation are always the first action of choice, the chances are much higher that you’ll have an adult one day who probably struggles with anxiety/depression and has issues with most authority figures. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Here’s to “fruitful vines” on this Mother’s Day weekend…more power to ya’!

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