What’s “Regular Time with God” for a Young Mom?

We only lived a couple of miles from church, but that ride home back in 1993 contained a conversation I’ll always remember. We were just bearing right onto Mt. Vernon Road from Fairburn Road, with our son upright in his car seat and our daughter, … Read More

Is Mom a Fruity Tooty?

Okay, I just scribbled that title up there to get your attention. But I do want to take a moment and encourage moms and wives everywhere to realize their full, God-given potential to be the “fruitful vine” in their home (at least I got the … Read More

A Memory Lane Moment for Mom and Dad

Last weekend my two sisters gathered with our parents in Chattanooga to celebrate mom’s and dad’s birthdays. Since I couldn’t make it, and since I know my older sister had planned a beautiful “memory lane moment” for them, I thought I’d at least chip in … Read More