God’s Sovereignty

Unknown-1The focus of this week’s message was the sovereign nature of God, and all I can say is WOW! (By the way, don’t expect me to cover it in a week!) 🙂

Anyway, amazing, eh? We say we have choice, and it certainly appears that we do. But as A.W. Tozer said, and I paraphrase, “The (ocean) liner of God’s purposes has already set its destination” (from Knowledge of the Holy). As a survey of the 10 nations in Isaiah 13-27 shows, God’s purposes prevail over the course of time, in spite of mankind, and God is proven to be independently and absolutely in control. Truth is, he is even bringing those nations to that Day when all nations will worship him. So his sovereignty has an ultimate purpose — God’s glory!

Romans 9-11 brings this out in a stunningly clear way as well…enjoy those tension-filled passages! Did we choose? Did God already decide? Can we ever figure it out? I’m left hilariously glad and wonderfully happy that my God is “unfigure-outable.” Unmanageable. Beyond understanding. Sovereign!

To all my Arminian friends, the appearance of your choice is a nice thing to watch. To all my Calvinites, your “irresistable” decisions are fun to follow. To all of us, enjoy an unmanageable God!

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