No Part-Time Sovereignty

There is no part-time sovereignty with God. He is, in every way and every day, in control of everything. Consider the weight this Scripture: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good to those who love God,  for those who are called … Read More

Plodding Under Providence

Here are three tips for traveling well under the doctrine of providence, that unseen-in-the-moment but clear-as-a-bell-later assurance that God is guiding all things towards his worthy will. Providence doesn’t minimize planning or remove responsibility. It isn’t a loophole for laziness. You can trust and try … Read More

The Problem Isn’t Providence: Why People Dislike the Doctrine

No one fully understands God’s providence. Though we believe it and trust it, we simply don’t “get” it. Our finite minds are just that—finite—and our understanding limited. Anyone who says they do is lying to you. Still, just because we don’t “get” it doesn’t give … Read More

13-Year Old Napkin Notes

It was somewhat surreal, and a little surprising. Not that I had expected something really different, but it was still a reason to raise the eye-brows a bit. That was my reaction to an email from Pastor Chris, one that contained a letter and some … Read More


Romans 9 and 10 are two chapters that are equally true. They belong together (with Romans 11 I might add as their capstone), and teach the twin doctrines of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. It is unwise to choose between them, or, worse yet, water … Read More

9 from 9

I’ve been teaching through Romans since the first of the summer — what a humble delight and learning experience. In fact, every chapter I come to seems to be my favorite!  Here are 9 observations from Romans 9. (By the way, they’ll make more sense … Read More