Must the Great Commission Be Completed Before the End Comes?

It’s a question discussed in seminary classes and missiological circles. Profs and students exchange views and opinions. Mission committees and sending agencies share their stances. The question? “Is Christ’s return contingent upon the completion of the Great Commission?” My short answer: Yes, it was. Let … Read More

Christ’s Last Words, Our First Concern

Over the next few weeks, I intend to post excerpts from a booklet I recently wrote for our church, a publication I subtitled “a little booklet about a big deal.” The big deal? Christ’s last words. Of course, we commonly know those last words as … Read More

Moravian Momentum

Few people have taken the Great Commission as seriously as the Moravians. Not unlike the early church in Acts 8, they, too, were displaced due to persecution, and eventually settled on the estate of Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf in the German province of Saxony … Read More

Live Interview Re: India and Nepal

Last Thursday I appeared on Mac’s World Live, a daily radio/web show on KTIA 99.3, concerning aspects of my trip to India and Nepal. Here’s a link to that interview. (You’ll want to start around the 15-minute mark as the first part is a rabbit … Read More

Of All Nations

Just some pictures (and a few captions) of my current trip to south Asia. It’s experiences like this where Jesus’ last command—“make disciples of all nations”—comes into even greater focus for me as I see it played out person after person in all kinds of … Read More

Q Zone: Is it a Sin…?

We often think Jesus’ final marching orders will leave us wondering only about witnessing and missions, but that’s not always the case. As these two questions reveal, there’s more to the Great Commission than meets the eye. Here’s some insight to a couple of intriguing … Read More

Q Zone: Great Questions About the Great Commission

Our first week into our GO month series—“Understanding the Great Commission”—laid the necessary groundwork for the next three weeks, but still there are remaining questions. Here are three that came in during the service via our text line. [Click to listen or watch the message … Read More