Just Ask the Birds

God is not distant or unreachable. He is not remote or unaware. He is, instead, close. Personal. Near. Concerned. This is precisely what Jesus was communicating to his disciples when he illustrated God’s intimate knowledge of and care for them by talking about birds and … Read More

No Part-Time Sovereignty

There is no part-time sovereignty with God. He is, in every way and every day, in control of everything. Consider the weight this Scripture: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good to those who love God,  for those who are called … Read More

“All Comfort” > “Any Affliction”

There’s no hardship greater than the comforting hand of God. This biblical promise is based on four words in 2 Corinthians 1: “all comfort” (v 3) and “any affliction” (v 4). Take a minute and read it for yourself. “Blessed be the God and Father … Read More

Stick Figure savior

by Mandee Mostrom This is me. This is my god. My god is always good. My god is always right. Praise be to my god. I go to church every Sunday. Every Sunday that I am not hungover, sleeping in, or tired, I go to … Read More

Four Reasons God is Great

Psalm 96 has been dubbed the “Missionary Song of the Church” (HSBC). And for good reason—it shows the beautifully and powerfully connected relationship God’s people experience between our witness for God (vs 1-3) and our worship of God (vs. 7-13). Right in the middle of … Read More

When It Rains, He Pours

Inconveniences are actually opportunities in disguise. Such was the case this past Saturday night into most of the day Sunday. Ankeny, the city where I live, received 10 inches of rain in just 3 hours on Saturday evening. Talk about a deluge. In fact, a … Read More

What’s “Regular Time with God” for a Young Mom?

We only lived a couple of miles from church, but that ride home back in 1993 contained a conversation I’ll always remember. We were just bearing right onto Mt. Vernon Road from Fairburn Road, with our son upright in his car seat and our daughter, … Read More

Plodding Under Providence

Here are three tips for traveling well under the doctrine of providence, that unseen-in-the-moment but clear-as-a-bell-later assurance that God is guiding all things towards his worthy will. Providence doesn’t minimize planning or remove responsibility. It isn’t a loophole for laziness. You can trust and try … Read More

The Problem Isn’t Providence: Why People Dislike the Doctrine

No one fully understands God’s providence. Though we believe it and trust it, we simply don’t “get” it. Our finite minds are just that—finite—and our understanding limited. Anyone who says they do is lying to you. Still, just because we don’t “get” it doesn’t give … Read More