All I Want for Christmas is an Electric…

The beauty of significance lies in the fact that it is often hidden in the ugliness of the seemingly unimportant. This was exactly the case on that first Christmas centuries ago. Who would have thought a little town would be the birthplace of a mighty … Read More

My Simplest Christmas Ever

The Old Testament book of Micah is quite Christmassy. (More on that here.) Yet, it is also quite simple and to the point. And as I was thinking about the simplicity that Micah highlights in his last two chapters, my mind went back to what … Read More

“Real-izing” Christmas (2)

One of the ways we “real-ize” (yes, that is an intentional hypen) Christmas is through gifts. It’s how we express love tangibly. Yes, physical gifts are a good way to bring meaning to the words we say at Christmas. In fact, one Christmas Julie gave … Read More

The Small Gifts of Christmas

Small things can make a big difference! And small books can have a great impact. Such is the case with the short, self-titled book by the prophet Micah. In fact, it’s small things that Micah brings attention to throughout the three sections of his prophecy. Micah … Read More