Tunneling into the Topic: Repentance

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Often, on the heels of a message, I’ll post additional articles for our hearers that give further insight, clarity, and application regarding that text and/or topic. Such is the case today, and the topic we’re boring into more deeply is repentance (Mark 1:1-8).

Undoubtedly, repentance is fundamental; it’s not extra credit or “bonus” work. It’s the requisite posture that readies a person for the Son of God. It’s the “turn-around” mindset that sets in motion every other response, such as confession, apologies, sorrow, and outward change. No wonder the prayer is for God to “grant repentance” (2 Tim. 2:25).

Here’s what is a bonus, though: these extra articles on repentance. Take a few minutes and tunnel further into this topic through the thoughts of others who desire to help us prepare for Jesus through the red carpet of repentance.

What Does Repentance Look Like?

A Recipe for Repentance

The Importance of Repentance

Is It Possible to Repent for the Sins of Another?

Do I Have to Confess My Sin to Another Person in Order to Be Forgiven?

How To Repent: 5 Steps

Can you Repent at the Moment of Death and Still Have the Same Salvation as Someone Who’s Been a Christian for Many Years?

How to Preach Repentance

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