Let’s “Score” Some Additional Insight into Singing

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To complement my message from Colossians 3:16 on the essential habit of congregational singing, here are some extra articles and podcasts on the subject as well.

What if I Can’t Sing?

Sing Your Heart Out at Church (Even If You Hate the Music)

The Role of Singing in the Life of the Church

Why Congregational Singing Matters Today More Than Ever

The Sound of Silence

In a Divided Culture, Church Singing Can Unite and Invite

10 Principles for Church Music

The Non-Negotiables of Gospel-Shaped Congregational Worship (Podcast)

Helping the Church Sing (Podcast)

Why Do We Sing?

9 Things You Should Know About Christian Hymns

Sing the Psalms (Podcast)

One Comment on “Let’s “Score” Some Additional Insight into Singing”

  1. Lets begin sing the great music like:
    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Lord
    My country Tis of Thee
    The Star-Spangle Banner
    America the beautiful, all of these point out the Wonderul country God has given us. God Bless Wally

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