A Deathly Implication

images-1As I stated in my message on May 15, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 contains a rather important implication about death: it is a natural occurrence. Maybe not for all of us should the Lord return before we die. But barring that event, death will occur. As odd as it may sound, death is part of the process of life.

Understanding that, death shouldn’t be determined humanly. Things like euthanasia, assisted suicide, and abortion are not God’s design, but instead indicative of man’s rebellion. Death is ultimately part of God’s process for us (assuming he does not return prior to our death), and thus it is at his discretion. It is, biblically, not man’s prerogative.

Underneath the “death with dignity” cases, and the intense, personal emotion that goes with them,  is really the issue of  ownership—Who really owns the right to end their/a life? It is my belief that only God our Creator has the authority to do so. We should not seek to usurp it.

As I mentioned in a recent message, here are some links I found helpful and insightful regarding this issue.

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