Remembering Ryan

12065632_935968729806416_4970657335060585196_nMy heart hurts for the Jace and Julie Day family today as they attend the funeral, and later burial, of their son Ryan. No doubt we will celebrate his life today, but there’s no way around the pain and grief that sudden tragedy brings. So my soul aches with them in this time.

It aches for them because I know they’ll miss their son beyond description. His big smile, the way he was quick to help, his love for God and people, the manner in which he honored his parents, his commitment to truth—these traits and many more are just a few of the things that marked this 20-year old standout of a young man. His God-ordained days were lived to the fullest, which is one of the reasons the hole left behind is so deep and wide. He made a big impression on all who crossed his path.

As their family, and our faith family to which they belong, walk together now and in the future, perhaps some insight into suffering and tragedy will be a guide to us. So I’ve linked to a few testimonies and articles, some from those who, by God’s sovereign plan, have become acquainted with it more than others.

Admittedly, today may not be the day these get read. Tear-filled eyes, question-filled minds, and solitude-seeking souls may not allow for such an activity when the darkness seems so deep. After all, tragedy and suffering are never our friends in the immediate. Eventually, though, our Heavenly Father uses those very enemies of iron to forge in us the beautiful character of Christ, and we discover God is faithful to work all things together for good, which is conformity to the image of his Son. (Rom.8:28-29)

“The Fallacy of Closure”

“Sanctifying Suffering: A Snapshot by Jean”

“Bethany’s Calendar”

“Seven Sanctifying Things Suffering Does”

“The Goodness of God and the Reality of Evil”

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