Husbands Loving, Wives Aligning: Four Tips for Both

blueprint_feature1Many have asked for the definitions and application points from the last two weeks of messages in our series, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” So here, in a very succinct fashion, are the definitions, as well as the “Todd’s Tips” I provided near the end of my two messages on husbands and wives in this current series. (For a further explanation of these, click here to listen to the messages.)

Husbands Loving: “A husband’s love is his intentional choice (proactive, prioritized, and patient) to sacrificially care for his wife in order to visualize the gospel’s impact.”

  1. Laziness isn’t part of the loving and leading equation.
  2. Learn to say ‘no’ by leaning in to the deeper ‘yes.’
  3. Let self-control be a primary goal.
  4. Look to Jesus as your ultimate example.

Wives Aligning: “A wife’s submission is her willful choice to align herself and her energies underneath her husband’s authority in order to maximize the gospel’s impact.”

  1. Watch your words.
  2. Wage war against independence.
  3. Work to prop, not chop.
  4. Look to Jesus as your ultimate example.

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