The Single Greatest Evidence: 500+ Appearances!

Jesus' AppearancesWhen it comes to the resurrection, the major thread of proof isn’t woven into the prophecies before the event as much as it is into the his appearances after the event. This isn’t meant to diminish the prophecies; rather, it is simply intended to elevate the over 500 literal, historical, visible “sightings” of Jesus as the greatest single weight of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

This must be why the Gospel writers all spend their remaining chapters detailing various eye-witness encounters, why Peter goes¬†immediately¬†to this evidence when talking to Cornelius, and why Paul takes a direct line to Jesus’ appearances in 1 Corinthians 15, using the word “appear” (literally, “to put on display; show”) at least four times in just six verses.

As promised in my message this morning, here is a simple chart, courtesy of Dr. Thomas Miller, outlining the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. [CHART]

As you mull over the legal, historical, personal, and scientific implications of this mountainous evidence, remember that these appearances validate him and motivate us! They show the resurrection to be exactly what it is — the history-turning event that lifts up the Savior and sends out the saints. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

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