9 in 5 from 10

ConversationWhile evangelical believers all agree the Gospel is, through and through, about the life of Jesus, to put it concisely and succinctly is another matter. How do you sum up this “good news” in a way that is doctrinally accurate, historically precise, and relationally sensitive?

Peter accomplishes this in Acts 10:34-48 when, in front of Cornelius ( and C’s family and friends), he gives a concise 9-nugget summary of Jesus’ life in about 5 sentences. (Thus, the title of this blog — “9 in 5 from 10.”)

1. Jesus was announced by John the Baptist.

2. Jesus was anointed at his baptism.

3. Jesus was empowered for ministry.

4. Jesus was crucified by men.

5. Jesus was raised by God.

6. Jesus was verified by witnesses.

7. Jesus will return as judge.

8. This — Jesus — is whom everything in the Scriptures has been pointing.

9. Jesus saves those who believe in him.

Out take away? Don’t use this list and it’s associated doctrines with curious people who are seeking, like some outlined sermon. At least not initially. Peter didn’t. Instead, he relayed the same “good news” in five sentences…like a conversation. So take the list and learn the flow of the greatest story ever told so that you can talk accurately, simply, and conversationally with those God brings across your path.

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