Q Zone: More than a Meal

As we finished up Acts 2 a few weeks ago, and saw the early church engaging in those four fundamental habits (2:42-47), an interesting question was posed: Was every time they broke bread a truly spiritual time, or just eating to eat?

If you recall, breaking bread in homes was one of those beginning disciplines they were devoted to, and Pastor Carlos taught us well on that week that this was no doubt a Hebrew-ism for the Lord’s Supper. Yet, was this the practice at every meal? Probably not. For sure at some meals, maybe even the main daily one.

But there is more to be said to this question, and Pastor Carlos jumps in here as our guest blogger today to provide additional inisight:

“As the early church gathered to eat their meals together, it was a spiritual time in that they received their food with exceeding joy (the term ‘glad’ is better translated this way) and generous hearts (2:46). The next verse also records that they were praising God and having favor with all the people (2:47). This ‘mindset’ was a direct result of being filled with God the Holy Spirit. I would also add that their example teaches us that there is no ‘eating, just to eat’ for the believer. They rightly understood that all of life is spiritual, in that we continuously live in light of the presence of God and His provision. It is this spiritual mindset that motivates us to always be grateful to our Heavenly Father who is so good to us, His children.”

Thoughts? Comments? How do you view your daily meals? Have you and another family ever gathered for a meal and celebrated Communion as well?

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