The Extra Point: One More Cause of Sickness

In teaching through Acts 3:1-10 last Sunday (which was primarily about our responsibility to let the need for healing drive us to look below the water line of the physical), I took a few minutes to list other reasons that sickness comes into our life. Of course, the list wasn’t exhaustive, but it was meant to show that, although sin can be a reason we get sick (James 5:13-16; 1 Corinthians 11:27-32), it isn’t always the¬†reason. Other reasons include Satan (Job 1), God’s sovereignty (John 9), and sometimes just our own stupidity (maybe Acts 20?).

It was in response to this list that an insightful listener added one more category. Here’s his email:

“As a parent of 4, I think you need to add Sunday School.”¬†

Yep, I agree. And thanks for the laugh!

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