Sunday Rewind: Why Witness if We’re Elected?

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  1. I am missing the connection apparently. If a certain number of people are predestined, it wouldn’t matter if there was someone to witness or not. I don’t understand how witnessing is essential to salvation if people are already predestined to salvation. It doesn’t matter if we know who the predestined are or not…they are predestined and will see salvation regardless of our witnessing. Another thing that bothers me about predestination is the fact “what if I am not chosen”? What if all of my efforts, dedication, and commitment is in vain? What if at the end of my life I see Jesus and He says to me “I never knew you…I did not choose you”?

    1. Yes, M, there is no doubt an element of mystery here when it comes to the interplay of witnessing and election. One note – Instead of saying witnessing is essential to salvation, I’d say the Gospel is essential to salvation, and witnessing/preaching is the means by which the Gospel is heard. So in that sense witnessing becomes quite important as God seems to have decided to use it as a very vital means to hearing the Gospel.

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