The Bird Saga and Sanctification

I had mentioned that I would try and follow the nest saga outside our back patio…so far so good with the bird story! Of course, so many things rush to the forefront of my cranium when I view a pic like this. But when I compare this pic to the one with just the eggs (below and smaller), the word “sanctification” comes to mind.

In other words, little by little, the mama bird is making sure the baby bird(s) has everything necessary for development. Indeed, the bidrlings can do nothing but depend upon the mother! Sure, at some point they exhibit the result of their growth and provide effort, “doing” the things birds do (i.e., fly around and poop all over your car!) But it is first and foremost all about “being.”

Though a loose analogy, it does provide a basic visual understanding of our sanctification process. It, like our salvation, rests upon the grace of our God; and though we provide effort at points along the way, it is simply responsive effort to the work caused by the Gospel of Jesus (Titus 2:11-14).

He develops, we depend.

Chrip, chirp.

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