Not Fishing — Trashing!

One of my favorite verses is one written by Peter, and in it he exhorts us to continually be “casting all our anxieties upon him, for he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). What an encouragement in all times, but especially in seasons of stress and trial.


However, sometimes we unintentionally read the word “cast” like a fisherman, when we should read it like a garbage man. In other words, we want to tie a knot on the end of our anxieties and “cast” them out with our proverbial rod and reel, knowing that if we need to we can wind them back in again. And while none of us would ever admit to wanting – or demanding – them back, often our insecurities and fears spiritually bribe us to either hold on to or retrieve these things, thinking we can manage them better than our heavenly Father, God.


Here’s a better understanding of the text: throw them away for good! Where? To God! He is fully able to handle all our worries, and we have no need of them. Instead of approaching God with pole and lure in hand, bring him your big, green rolling trash cart. Tip it over and leave it all with him, no strings attached, for He is the Master recycler and restorer.

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