R U a “Spant?”

Balancing two apparently opposite items is hard, eh? For instance, learning to discipline our children without exasperating them; figuring out how to save without hoarding and becoming greedy; understanding what it means to speak truthfully yet compassionately. And so forth! Yet, much of life is about finding balance. You know, avoiding the extremes and letting the Holy Spirit teach us how to walk in step with him.


As our youth pastor and I were discussing this very issue a few weeks back regarding living one day at a time without worry (like the sparrow in Matthew) and planning ahead (like the ant in Proverbs), we humorously and spontaneously developed a name to use as we hoped to encourage each other towards this goal. In fact, since our conversation, I’ve been praying for God to turn me into this! Ready for it? “God, make me a Spant!” Yep, a Spant. It’s the fine balance between a sparrow and an ant: a creature who knows how to plan ahead yet enjoys the carefree adventure of daily trusting God for everything.


Let’s be Spants today, shall we? Let’s plan and play! Let’s look ahead thoughtfully and enjoy the moment thoroughly. Let’s plan for the future and count the cost, but always with a “Lord willing” mindset (James 5), for “who knows what tomorrow may bring?” Be encouraged today as God morphs you into a Spant!


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