A “Winter” to Remember

Back in early December I posted a few snow pics under the title, “A December to Remember.” Well, we’re more than 60 days from that post, and it has turned into a “Winter to Remember.” In fact, we’re setting records each day. So far, we’ve been under at least 5″ of snow for the longest amount of time in Iowa history, and we’re in 4th place as far total snow amount in Iowa since they started keeping records. I suspect we will break the record of 72″, and when we do, pics will go up!

Personally, I think I’ve set a shoveling record for myself! I don’t recall ever shoveling this much before.

Here are a few pics of the cumulative snow in our neck of the woods…

(This is the ‘tunnel’ known as our front sidewalk)
(I think we have the strongest gutters in the universe. And yes, this probably isn’t very good for them, but it’s the way it is for now.)
(One of the consequences of lots of cold snow and ice is that it makes it hard to get your Christmas lights down. I not only got my lights up earlier than ever last year, they’ve stayed up longer than ever!) 🙂
(This year I had to actually shovel out areas for my trash can and for my recycling bin so they’d be picked up. They love winter ‘cuz they get their own parking space!)
(This is the sidewalk that the kids walk on each day to school…the walls keep getting higher and higher!)
(Ah, home! No way to miss the driveway; it is surrounded by snow barriers.)

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