Our Crazy Culture

If you ever wonder just how upside down our culture has become, watch how they punish sin/crime. Most of the time, they get it backwards.

For instance, Michael Vick engages in gambling and betting using dogs as the centerpiece attraction, even killing some of them as part of his wrongful acts. Consequently, he went to prison, underwent the proverbial “scourging” by the NFL, and was scrutinized daily for well over a year, with many commentators/media voices saying he should never be allowed back in the NFL because he isn’t “worthy.” I guess you can’t really “pay your debt to society” for certain crimes (like animal cruelty).

But Dante Stallworth gets little microscoping after his drunk driving “accident” that killed a person (yeah, a real live human with an eternal destiny in play). In fact, he only got 30 days in jail according to ESPN, and will be playing again probably. He is hardly even mentioned in other newscasts or headlines.

I guess getting greedy and killing dogs has a higher price tag than getting drunk and killing people.

But this is only the most recent in a chain of upside-down values held by our culture. Like saving whales and fish, but killing babies. Like letting a sexually sick beauty pageant judge calling a contestant a b**** on his public video blog (whatever happened to hate crimes?) with no real kickback, but letting a firestorm break out over Miss California’s politley expressed opinion (which was actually an answer to a question). It’s just crazy how inverted (perverted) our culture sees things!

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