XX and XY

Even though my last video post contains similar info, I also like this insightful devo that Mike H. brought to my attention. It does a great job of succintly showing some of the God-created differences between men (XY) and women (XX). Even down to the chromosonic level (yep, I may have just made up a word), we are just simply different. That’s not something to curse; that’s something to celebrate! See if you don’t come away more grateful and ready to throw a party after reading this…

“Our chemistry corresponds in varying degrees to our primary family roles. Men have 15 times more testosterone than women. They are generally stronger and sweat more. This is good for men when they are out subduing the earth. Women have 10 times the amount of estrogen, which gives them greater endurance. They can endure more pain, and they live longer. This is good for women when they’re bearing a child and raising it.

Men score higher in levels of aggression, dominance, and self-confidence, women in nurturance, empathy, and intimacy. Men take more chances and die sooner. Women are more cautious and stabilize their environment, creating longer life for all. Men are more direct and linear in their speech and reasoning, less concerned about the impact on others, whereas women are more indirect and connective. Men seek competition to greater degrees than women. Women seek cooperation in higher degrees then men. Men consistently score higher in math, science, and economics, women in philosophy, human relations, and verbal skills.

Why should these differences be so threatening? The issue isn’t equality—that’s a given. Nor is it about superiority and inferiority. It’s about men being stronger than women and women being stronger than men in different and complementary ways rooted in creation.” (John Ensor in Matters of the Heart)

Consider it today’s handful of vitamins as you train to hit more “home” runs!

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